Tuesday, June 10, 2008

162/366 Stevens, originally uploaded by AquaAmber.

Today I nearly fainted at the allergist. I've never been a real happy camper around needles but for some reason I've lost it twice in a row now - the last time at my GP getting a second round of Hep A serum. I didn't lose it all the way but close enough . They chastised me for not eating breakfast and made me consume two granola bars before I could be released into the world.

I still have a malicious set of double bumps across my right arm from where they had to prick me a bunch of times. Seems I am allergic to everything under the sun, especially tree pollen. The oak bump was impressive.

I shot this photo of Stevens Elementary School on my walk from the doctor back to work. The school is from 1800-something but looks pretty run down now. I had trouble figuring out if there were children inside. If so, the learning there is very serious and quiet.

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