Friday, June 6, 2008

159/366 David, originally uploaded by AquaAmber.

Hi David! You're one of my only readers so I figured I might as well throw you up on the site. Plus, all the pictures I took out there in the field while we were attempting Kite Aerial Photography turned out kinda crappy. You can see two more on my flickr page.

As it were, we had been waiting to fly the kite camera for some time now but agreed to wait until we could fly it together in Omaha, of all places. David scoped out a nice park with a ridge (seen above), from which we attempted to fly the kite. Despite strong winds, the thing didn't stay up for very long and as the intervalometer built into the camera took just one picture a minute, we didn't end up with much. Perhaps a link will appear in the comments with pictures from the kite camera ::wink wink::.

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