Thursday, October 16, 2008

290/366 Creation Museum, originally uploaded by Amberture.

Road Trip: Day Six

After touring the surprisingly pleasant city of Cincinnati, David and I headed to one of the places we are least welcome, the Creation Museum.

This museum is a private institution (that's why we had to pay so much, right?) that is dedicated to spreading the word about creationism and beating down the myth of evolution. In my head this was much funnier but upon getting there, it was just kind of pathetic. There was very little appeal to reason and much more "yes, it's this way and isn't that awesome?"

David even sprung for the planetarium tickets. The show was pretty well done and I found myself enjoying the show. And then they explained a light year and I wondered, "why don't they just give the real definition instead of putting it in miles?" The answer came later, of course - because if it really took light that long to get to where we are, we wouldn't see anything, because the universe was created just a few short thousand years ago.

Nothing to laugh at, really. Plenty of people - I mean, everyone at the museum besides us - believes it.

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