Columbus Day, Monday, October 13, 2008

287/366 Coal Elevator, originally uploaded by Amberture.

Road Trip: Day Three

Our Columbus Day should have been spent exploring the abandoned coal mining towns of West Virginia's New River Gorge. Unfortunately, my period made a show that day and turned me into a raging bitch and turned my belly to mush. So we only visited one ghost town, a "restored" ghost town: Thurmond.

This is a picture of the coal elevator from Thurmond's heyday. It was the biggest town around and all the railroads had to pass through so it was booming until... it was dead. The coal elevator was really neat and everything else was so obviously cared-for it didn't hold any falling-apart charm. More of the elevator in my flickr.

From here we went straight to an unnamed relative of David's. She fed us and continued to feed us for the rest of the trip.

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