Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, 2008

309/366 Stop Voting, originally uploaded by Amberture.

I'm late in giving my diatribe about why Obama's win is important to me but I'm still exciting and I'm still going to say a few words.

I'm not an African-American but this major achievement for all black Americans is incredibly encouraging, to me, as a white person. I believe this is what McCain and all his folk missed entirely about this momentous event. It wasn't just a gain for black America - it was a gain for all Americans. To know that there are more people that value talent, intelligence, vision over skin color. That is what makes this a special day.

That is incredibly important. That is why people poured into the streets here in DC to hug a stranger and party all night long.

That is what was sorely missing in 2004 and why so many of us felt completely cut off from 50% of the people in this country. How could they want more of Bush? As Obama said in his incredibly eloquent speech, his win is a mandate for change - and we're finally ready to see it.

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