Friday, August 8, 2008

221/366 The Elephant Couch, originally uploaded by AquaAmber.

This is the elephant couch.

George and I had gone to Second Chance II way out in Falls Church, VA on a general thrift expedition. We really weren't in the market for furniture at that point, even though we scouted around the place. I wasn't feeling particularly well and so when I was done looking, I plopped down in the nearest chair by the door and waited for him. As I was lounging, I realized I was sitting on an amazing piece of furniture - an elephant couch!

George finished up his purchases and we left, but the couch stayed in my mind. It was so cool! It was covered in elephants! I had to have it. We called, they held it, and Colin drove all the way out there with us in his SUV to pick it up. It is a thing of beauty.

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