January 6, 2008

I chose this photo because if you look closely enough, you can see my reflection in the back of the ant.

I've been spending a bit of time looking at other peoples' efforts thus far and so with today's photo I post a short list of other people committed to 366 photos in 2008. This is really from a somewhat cursory search of the internet but it will be interesting to go back to this list and see who's still on board later this year:

My stupid roommate: Mark
Project366 at Flickr
Year of Photographs
Ruth's Photo of the Day
366 BW's

So it's a short list because I'm bored now. In any case, the Flickr group has more than 100 people in it which means a small but recognizable percentage of humanity is totally whacked and has nothing better to do (oh wait til I start photographing my knitting projects - worlds will collide!)

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